Design Center

Design Center

Arvinyl’s Design Center offers decorative and functional film we laminate to your desired substrate. We have a wide selection of film options suitable for use across multiple substrates and within multiple industries, so chances are you’ll discover a design that inspires you.

A Typical Arvinyl Laminate

At the heart of Arvinyl’s custom laminates is a high-quality decorative and functional film adhered to a premium substrate.

A typical laminate we produce consists of six layers:

  • Protective Film: an optional protective film shields the laminate from scratches.
  • Arvinyl Film: a decorative Arvinyl film chosen from our many options below, such as wood grains, prints, solid colors, wood veneers, and more.
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  • Adhesive: an eco-friendly adhesive binds your chosen film to your chosen substrate.
  • Anti-Corrosion Treatment: this substance protects your substrate when applied to the front and back, while also providing bond support to the adhesive.
  • Substrate: a sheet onto which your chosen film applies; typical substrates are aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, ABS, and MDF sheets.

Your laminate sheet may be customized to your specific need and requirements. Contact us at (800) ARVINYL to discuss your options.

Wood Grain Film

Arvinyl’s wood grain films easily bend, cut, and form while being durable and scratch-resistant. They offer the look of wood at an affordable rate.

Visit our wood grain page to see more of these options.

Wood Veneer

When only the touch and texture of real wood will do, Arvinyl’s wood veneers deliver.

Our wood veneer page offers a variety of real wood samples.

Metallic Film

Arvinyl’s metallic films adds sheen and shine to your projects.

Check out our metallics page to see more of these options.

Print Film

Arvinyl’s print film options include abstract and natural patterns.

Discover many more print film options on our print film page.

Solid Color Film

Arvinyl’s solid color film options add a burst of color to your projects.

Review more color options on our solid color film page.

High Gloss Film

Arvinyl’s high gloss film options are available in solid colors, wood grains, and prints.

Learn more about our high gloss films and our unique high gloss lamination capability.

Marine Film

Arvinyl offers durable and scratch-resistant films suitable for use in marine interiors, including U.S. Coast Guard certified films.

Explore our marine film page to see more of these options.

Roofing Membrane

Arvinyl’s PVC and TPO roofing membranes come in several color options.

Browse our PVC and TPO roofing membrane color options page.

Emboss Option

Our emboss option adds texture and depth by making a physical impression on your laminated sheet.

Review more emboss patterns on our emboss page.

Arvinyl is available to help you determine the best style and finish options for your project requirements, color match your current film, and conduct database searches for suitable film substitutes. Phone us at (800) 278-4695 for assistance or reach us via our Contact Us page.