Frequently Asked Questions

What Arvinyl does

A laminate is the result of a surface material adhered to a base (also known as a substrate).

Arvinyl manufacturers custom laminates by applying decorative and functional films, fabrics and rigid materials to various substrates, including galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and ABS, to name a few.

Because each industry has different needs, our in-house team works with engineers, architects, designers and others to ensure every aspect of a project is considered and all requirements are met.

The surfaces and bases in our laminates vary per project. In the architectural industry, we apply vinyl film, high gloss film, wood veneer, and fabric surfaces to metal, ABS, MDF, or plastic base.

While these surfaces and bases vary per project, they can also vary per industry. The surface material we use for our roofing laminates, TPO and PVC, are specific to that industry.

We do not laminate to metal coil. We laminate onto sheets.

The uses for our laminated sheets vary per industry.

In the roofing field, our customers create roofing accessories, such as roof drains, from our laminates. In the marine industry, our laminated sheets are used as wall and ceiling panels, trim, and used to create furniture for passenger vessels. In the transportation field, our laminates are used as truck dash panels.

We do not sell vinyl. We buy vinyl and apply it to the appropriate base, or substrate, to create a custom laminate.

We do not sell vinyl flooring, laminate countertops or other items sold at home improvement stores. We work with architects, designers, engineers, fabricators, purchasing agents and others to create the exact laminated sheets needed for their custom projects.

As a manufacturer, we make our sheets in larger quantities than anything available at home improvement stores. We offer greater flexibility in customizing decorative and functional surfaces, too. With us, the design possibilities are endless.

We do not sell sheets of metal. We buy sheets of metal to use as a base for the laminates we create.

We offer services that complement our sheet lamination business, such as bending, forming, sheering, punching, cutting, and edge painting of our laminate sheets. We also undertake R&D projects, create prototype and work to find solutions to customer challenges. We are up for any challenge.

We can provide more information about our services via phone at (800) ARVINYL, email at Sales@arvinyl.com or through our Contact Us page.

How Arvinyl does it

We can provide free samples for you to touch and feel.

You may request samples by going to the Design Center page and hovering over on your desired film. Click the, “Add to Quote” button. Once you’ve chosen all of your desired samples, click, “Submit Quote Request” button in the bottom right corner of the page. You will be taken to the Quote Request page where you may provide your contact information to us. Once we receive this request, we will be in touch to make arrangements to send your samples.

Our typical sheet sizes can be found in the Substrates Info PDF on the Documents page. We can accommodate special width and length requests upon request.

Generally, our volume minimums start at 15 sheets for regular orders. We lower our volume minimums for special requests, as well as testing and engineering projects. Contact us at (800) ARVINYL for more information.

To start a price quote for your custom order, contact our Sales team via phone, email or through our Quote Request page.

As a custom laminator, every project we undertake is different due to the combination of surfaces and bases in use, number of sheets to be ordered, and sheet pricing, among other factors. These changing variables make it very difficult to maintain static pricing. Instead of creating price sheets, we create price quotes for every order. Our sales team is happy to work with you to provide cost-effective solutions for your needs.

We accept payment in checks and wire transfers. We do not accept credit card payments.

Because every order is custom and dependent on the availability of materials, and other factors, our turnaround times vary. We work with customers to complete projects within agreed upon timelines.

While our orders are custom, we do keep some items in stock for the roofing and marine industries.

  • In roofing, we maintain TPO & PVC stock for 48-hour turnaround requests for on-time delivery.
  • In marine, we keep Arwall™ Cool White Stardust ceiling panels in stock for quick turnaround requests.


Arvinyl received the ISO 9001:2015 certification based on a review of our quality management system.

Our marine-type laminates are in accordance with United States Coast Guard Specification 46 CFR Subpart 164.012 Entitled Interior Finishes for Merchant Vessels. These laminates are also in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc IMO A.653(16) and ISO 5659, and ISO 5659 and Annex.

Yes, we are always advancing our use of technology and processes. We are happy to discuss new product possibilities with you.